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New solo show “24/7” at SC Gallery, Bilbao. Spain

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Solo show by ISAAC CORDAL.

Isaac Cordal presents his second solo exhibition entitled “24/7” at SC Gallery, Bilbao.

24/7 alludes to our capacity for work and complete availability to continue sinking into that crevice called progress. Our capacity to build chasms seems to have no limits. Now that our living room has become an extension of the factory, we can continue with the production without any interruptions.


We are resigned not to waste time. Our free time has become a pause between tasks. We seem to feel bad if we do nothing. We check our mobile phones again and again as if each notification were a balm for our uncertainty.

Work has become the epicentre of our lives.


The exhibition will be open until 28 January 2022.

For further information, please contact:





Men – Isaac Cordal’s little man – and denial. This is certainly what we must talk about; of a confrontation between life and the forces that besiege and deny it: How can we fail to grant sovereignty to conscience in these circumstances? “Conscience,” said Georges Bataille, “resists the totality of the world and pitifully denies that which exceeds it, that which it cannot bear”. This is the question that, it seems to me, is often raised by the works of Isaac Cordal. For we are all, in short, this little man acting in his own pathetic way, making his gesture and his perplexity and his impotence his own particular Kafkaesque misadventure before the law.


Bataille himself is experiencing this dilemma as a tragedy, which is already ours: “Reflect on the inevitable or try not to merely sleep. (…) We have witnessed the submission of those who are overcome by a very serious predicament. But were those who shouted more awake? What follows is so strange, so vast, so beyond the reach of expectations…”. Perhaps that is why our little man is so often absent, disoriented, blind or lost in the night of a bled-dry turmoil. Amid the chaos of countless voices; exhausting himself in the slumber of those who simply observe, listen, vegetate, survive or simply scrape by in the universal and grey inter-passivity. It is the kingdom of the last man that Nietzsche, in his Zarathustra, also spoke of: “We are no longer rich or poor: it’s too distressing. Who can still want to govern? Who would still be willing to obey? It’s too distressing. No shepherd and a single flock! They all want the same thing, they are all the same…”


One would say that existence, as a whole, has been sinking, slumbering and drowning, and with it desire – the big question, then, would be: How can we finally touch desire at the point where it has to be touched? -. It could also be said that life now wanders, not to leave a certain point and settle in another, but to live in the open, as in the way the little men that Isaac Cordal arranges along the cities of the planet often appear. Representatives of the mass production of man himself, the so-called objective, or modern, man (the product of the combined action of science, industry and advertising); that which has no beginning(s), no end(s), no exit, no ascent, no possibility or action of engendering, of poetising, in the sense of Hölderlin and the Greeks. He, installed in the always restless non-place of transition and wandering, is like Aristotelian plastic matter, which hopes to attain body and meaning thanks to a content and a form always coming from another, from outside. How, moreover, can it be tolerated that action in such unfortunate designs or destinies almost always ends up “making” life “disappear”? The artist, perhaps, can only show this situation, this sentence – sometimes with causticity, sometimes fraternally, with empathy towards the unfortunate – , and with it, invite, urge to get out of the confusion… Yes, perhaps now is the time to denounce once again the subordination, the subservient attitude, with which human life is certainly incompatible.


But we know this is far from simple. We have to proceed from the astonished helplessness with which, like the man on the balcony of Isaac Cordal’s premises, we often contemplate and witness daily life. His innermost springs show an impenetrable appearance, and then the little man glimpses himself as a petty wavering light in a night without conceivable edges, which envelops him on all sides. Sometimes, in his stunned helplessness, he even clings to a rope, or a mask. How can we not pity the distant figure that the artist has drawn, as a sort of drastically reduced double of ourselves, and which the artist keeps throwing into all kinds of darkness! One appreciates the figure all the more, one loves it all the more precisely because of its miseries, its foolishness and its misfortunes. This is man, humanity, sordid or tender, and always erratic, lost, moving in banality; when, as Bataille also wrote, “the night becomes dirtier, when the horror of the night turns beings into a vast waste”.



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disCONNECT. Schoeni Projects. Hong Kong

By Exhibitions

disCONNECT group exhibition can currently be seen in Hong Kong.

11 October – 29 November 2020 (Wednesday – Sunday, Noon – 8pm)

Tenement Building: 2-4/F 16 Pak Sha Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


disCONNECT is an exhibition that responds to the pandemic and explores themes of connection, belonging, isolation and reliance on technology at the time of COVID19. From the rigorous pre-exhibition planning to exhibition realisation, the practice corresponds with worldwide lockdown, quarantine and restrictions throughout the entire period.

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Walls Enclosure. Urban Spree Gallery. Berlin

By Exhibitions, Group shows

17.01.2020 – 29.02.2020
Revaler Str. 99 (Revaler x Warschauer)
Berlin, 10245


The 13-character installation “Wall Enclosure“ was created in situ at Urban Spree in January 2020 by Isaac Cordal for the “WALLS” exhibition.

It is a dark and powerful dystopian evocation of loneliness, bureaucratie, and alienation. A miniature universe set in a series of upcycled kitchen furniture, spray painted and enhanced with patina.




Follow the leaders – Annecy Paysages. Annecy, France

By Outdoors

Lac d´Annecy / Parc Charles Brosson

6 Jullier – 15 September

Dans le bassin d’un ancien embarcadère au bord du lac, Isaac Cordal installe une vingtaine de personnages figurant une assemblée de décideurs débattant des mesures à prendre pour lutter contre le réchauffement climatique. Au delà de tout aspect polémique, l’œuvre s’impose par le rapport à la nature et au temps qu’elle incarne jusqu’à l’absurde.
L’œuvre d’Isaac Cordal, artiste street-art, s’inspire d’une installation éphémère réalisée à Berlin en 2011 et qui fait partie de la série Follow the leaders. Il nous invite à porter une attention particulière sur la relation que nous entretenons avec l’environnement. Les sculptures réalisées en résine polyuréthane peintes sont vissées sur un socle en métal et plongées dans l’eau, laissant libre cours à l’imagination de chacun : débordement des eaux de la planète ou reflet de l’inconscience collective face au bouleversement climatique ? Une invitation à vous laisser submerger par vos pensées…


Annecy Paysages


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Waiting for climate change – Obrestad Fyr Og Hå Gamle Prestegard, Norway

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Laurdag 22. juni kl. 14.00. Obrestad fyr
utandørs installasjon


I sommar kan du oppleve utstillinga WAITING FOR CLIMATE CHANGE av den spanske kunstnaren Isaac Cordal. Ved området på Obrestad fyr og Hå gamle prestegard vil du kome over små folk plassert på høge stolpar. På ulikt vis er dei alle førebudd på den
komande klimaendringa. Dei ser ikkje redde eller bekymra ut, meir avventande til det uunngåelege.


Isaac Cordal bur og arbeider i Spania. Han har utdanning frå University of Fine Arts i Spania og Camberwell College of Arts i London, der han spesialiserte seg innan skulptur. Mange kjenner til street-art-prosjekta hans, der han plasserer ut små menneskeskulpturar i urbane miljø og isceneset kvardagssituasjonar i absurde settingar.


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Follow the leaders – Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao

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Isaac Cordal: ‘Seguir a los líderes’

Del 2 de mayo de 2019 al 19 de mayo de 2019

Bilbao Art District se inaugura el 2 de mayo en el Atrio de las Culturas con la instalación ‘Seguir a los líderes’ del artista Isaac Cordal (Galicia, 1974), formada por habitantes de una ciudad que se mimetizan con los escombros de sus ruinas. Poblada de pequeños hombres de negocios que deambulan a la deriva observando el efecto colateral de sus propias decisiones, esta ciudad en ruinas es el rastro que hemos dejado a medida que nos hemos alejado de la naturaleza.


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LandArt Lapinjärvi, Finland

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On this, the last day of the year, I am very happy to present to you a project which I carried out in November for Landart Lanpinjarvi in Finland. On this occasion, I was working on full scale / life size pieces. The materials that I used were branches of trees and mud that were collected on location. The Sculptures are located in a forest near Lanpinjarvi.



Upnorth Festival, Rost. Norway

By Outdoors

Last July I had the opportunity to travel to Rost, in Norway, to participate in Upnorth Festival. A fantastic week sharing experiences with artists in a spectacular environment with 24 hours of light.

The nature in its maximum splendor. A challenge to be able to integrate my sculptures out of the urban context without damaging the landscape.

Thanks to all the people involved in this project.



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By Exhibitions

Exposition du 19/10 au 19/11/17
La poudrière / Bastion Royal / Bayonne / France
Du mardi au dimanche
de 14h à 19h – prix libre




Within the activities of the week of street art for the Festival Points de Vue , organized by Spacejunk´s art centers, I have presented my itinerant exhibition called La comédie humaine which includes some of my artworks made since 2013.


La Comédie Humaine is a work in progress show that reflects on the side effects of the side effects of our stupidity. Artworks displayed are changing depending on the space. This time, the space, is an old army fortress that looks like a kind of bunker-chapel with thick stone walls, very interesting to play with the lights and very charm for its silence . The exhibition is made up of small installations, photographs and a large installation in the center of the space. The central installation is titled The School, an reflection on how education has become an industry where schools have become a business and students have become clients. The constant pursuit of  profit has destroyed the values of knowledge by considering useless everything that is not productive. A factory is here converted into a large reading room, to illustrate that we live immersed in the industrialization of thought.

Thanks to Alban, Audrey, all volunteers, artist and everyone involved in the project.


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By Outdoors

A new, three-year public art project will see Nuart curate a series of artworks along the length of the Akerselva river. Spanish artist Isaac Cordal was first out of the traps, putting up a total of 21 miniature sculptures from Frysja in the north to Grønland in the south in July 2017.

The ambitious project will see the area adjacent to the river, which cuts through the centre of the city, become a venue for the world’s leading street artists. The Akerselva has historically been viewed as something of a socio-economic and racial dividing line between east and west – a line we’re interested in exploring.

This project aims to celebrate the diversity of the four neighborhoods through which the river flows – Nordre Aker, Sagene, Grünerløkka and Gamle Oslo – and invite the local community to rediscover the area through the creation of an ‘art trail’ that traverses boundaries, both real and imagined.

Nuart RAD forms the core of Oslo Municipality’s five-year action plan for street art, which promotes graffiti and street art as part of contemporary art in public spaces.




By Outdoors

Os veciños // Last June I had the opportunity to work in a different scale during RexeneraFest in Carballo, Spain. It was a hard week but funny with all the gang, artist and friends.

Thanks to everyone involved. Specially to Sir Formoso, Sokran, Mou, Noel, Marcos Juncal, … how beautiful is our home land!

Nice greetings to all the artist of this edition.






By News

Following a successful debut of Nuart Aberbeen first edition in Scotland locals have been very enthusiastic to say the least, and to quote the Press And Journalambitious plans are being drawn up to bring the Nuart street festival back to Aberdeen for the next three years- and expand it into the city’s suburbs‘.

Artists from across the globe came to the Granite City to transform walls across the city and we were excited to hear that Spanish Isaac Cordal was one of them.



Today we share our interview with this exceptional artist who with the act of miniaturisation and judicious placement, suddenly expands the imagination of pedestrians stumbling upon his sculptures on the streets. During our stay we could witness different reactions to his works. Carefully staged, his figures are placed in locations that can be very fiddly to notice but once you do they open doors to another dimension and meanings.  Some might think his work can be depressing, in this interview Isaac delivers his sharp vision on today’s society with lots of humour and honesty.

We were pleased to be invited to this very first edition of Nuart Aberdeen and to be able to chat with Isaac about his latest residency and the current state of his sculptures.


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La société?! – group show at Atelier des bains, Geneva. Switzerland

By Exhibitions, News

La société?! (society ?!) is an exhibition, which brings three artists from three different countries together. The exhibition title shows his meaning once the viewer will enter the gallery; it is a vibrant and sometimes hidden critic on our modern day society. In order to make this critic even stronger the show brings together three different mediums, painting, photography and sculpture.

Slinkachu‘s photography seems harmless and very pleasing to the eye at first it is only when we analyse the subjects that the viewer starts realizing that there might be something else hidden in these photos.

Isaac Cordal‘s miniature sculptures are more direct in bringing the message to the spectator, however the viewer has to come a lot closer to the work in order the appreciate the details of the work and some hidden symbols.


Pixel Pancho‘s in contrast shows us an alternative world, a perfect harmony, family portraits or perfectly normal aspects of life, however the twist is that his world is only represented by robots. Are robots better humans? Can they help for a better world? What is the difference between a humanoid and a mechanical robot?

“The Object and The Image (This is Not a Chair Either)”. Miami, Usa

By Exhibitions, Group shows, News

Aluna Art Foundation will participate in the inauguration of Concrete Space, an alternative art project that will open its doors to the public next Saturday, March 18th, with the exhibition “The Object and The Image (This is Not a Chair Either)”.

Curated by Aluna Curatorial Collective (Adriana Herrera and Willy Castellanos), the exhibition will feature invited artist Chema Madoz, and will recover historic works by Hexágono: Equipo de Creación Colectiva(Havana, 1982-1985), integrated by Consuelo Castañeda, Humberto Castro, Sebastián Elizondo, Abigail García, María Elena Morera and Tonel.

The exhibition will give place to a prompt dialog between local artists from different nationalities, and will feature works from (in alphabetical order): Francis Acea (Cuba/USA), Mauricio Alejo (Mexico), Néstor Arenas (Cuba/USA), Susana Blasco (Spain), Karim Borjas (Venezuela/France), Álvaro José Brunet (Cuba), Isaac Cordal (Spain), Marina Font (Argentina/USA), Xavier G-Solís (Spain), Juan Sí González (Cuba/USA), Jesús Hdez-Güero (Cuba), Ronald Morán (Salvador), Martha María Pérez Bravo (Cuba/Mexico), Cecilia Paredes (Peru/USA), Rainy Silvestre (Cuba/USA) and Viviana Zargón (Argentina).

The Object and the Image (This Is Not a Chair Either), brings back the quest of a group of artists to exploit this subject. They work from different visions and approaches in the creation of a hybrid and highly polemic object – an alter object -, whose values move around the intersection of the constructive practices of installation, sculpture, and the documentation of an authorial experience, and whose final product is a photograph in itself.

In this sense, the exhibition also exposes the artifact –the source of the exhibited photographs – uniting under one roof two instances traditionally separated in exhibition spaces: the image and its referent. This suitable coincidence will not only allow us a glimpse into the implicit mechanisms of image production, but will also propose to the spectator a journey through that zone that is neither the object nor its image: Rather, it is the mental process that transformed each artifact (in Latin “that which is made with art”) into a mine field that questions the stable condition of the “order of things,” and the concept of reality.


From March 18th to May 20th, 2017
Opening Reception: Saturday March 18th, from 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm

3400 N.W. 78th Ave.
Doral, Florida 33122

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