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“With the simple act of miniaturization and thoughtful placement, Isaac Cordal magically expands the imagination of pedestrians finding his sculptures on the street.” – Steven P. Harrington, Brooklyn Street Art

Cement Eclipses is a critical definition of our behavior as a social mass. The art work intends to catch the attention on our devalued relation with the nature through a critical look to the collateral effects of our evolution. With the master touch of a stage director, the figures are placed in locations that quickly open doors to other worlds. The scenes zoom in the routine tasks of the contemporary human being.

Men and women are suspended and isolated in a motion or pose that can take on multiple meanings. The sympathetic figures are easy to relate to and to laugh with. They present fragments in which the nature, still present, maintains encouraging symptoms of survival. The precariousness of these anonymous statuettes, at the height of the sole of the passers, represents the nomadic remainders of an imperfect construction of our society. These small sculptures contemplate the demolition and reconstruction of everything around us. They catch the attention of the absurdity of our existence.

Isaac Cordal is sympathetic toward his little people and you can empathize with their situations, their leisure time, their waiting for buses and even their more tragic moments such as accidental death, suicide or family funerals. The sculptures can be found in gutters, on top of buildings, on top of bus shelters; in many unusual and unlikely places.

Selected press

06/2023 Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire: Art Exhibit Calls Viewers to Confront Fascism. Article by Henry Giroux

10/2022 Isaac Cordal Into the Woods with Fire Extinguishers in Northern Spain Brooklyn Street Art

08/2022 Ballena Blanca. Entrevista

01/2022 Hombres y no. Isaac Cordal. Frontera AD. Texto de Alberto Ruiz de Samaniego

12/2020 Histories of Violence: Look Closer at the World, There You Will See. Larb. Interview by Brad Evans

05/2019 Isaac Cordal In-Studio Visit. Bilbao, Spain. Brooklyn Street Art

05/2017 Isaac Cordal @Nuart Aberdeen. Instagrafite. Interview.

01/2016 Isaac Cordal. Streetartnews. Interview

09/2012 Art on the beach. Fans of Flanders. Interview.

09/2012 El arte se mete en los charcos del Soho. Diario Sur. Article.

05/2012 Studio Visit: Isaac Cordal. Agenda magazine. Interview.

05/2012 Beaufort 04 art parcours. The Bulletin Magazine. Interview.

01/2012 Canvascollectie: Isaac Cordal. RTBF. Video.

01/2012 Rasenmäher auf Broccoli Spiegel on line

01/2012 Giant shadowy figures, crazed animals and tiny cement men: The best street art of 2011 Daily Mail

11/2011 Cement Figurines Invade HLP Project Space Frame web

Street art is hip Video. Koppen. VRT.

09/2011 Interview with Isaac Cordal Blkfrmt.

09/2011 Ciudades grandes, gente pequeña La maquinaria de la nube.

06/2011 Isaac Cordal: Digital Abstinence. Subvertising magazine. Interview. July 2011.

06/2011 El arte callejero convierte a Londres en una gran galería. BBC World. Interview. Video.

06/2011 Cement eclipses Glamcult. Review.

06/2011 Tribes of cement figurines form bleak street installations – Interview/review. Wired.

05/2011 Isaac Cordal – Cement Eclipses at Pure Evil Gallery Renton´s room. Review.

05/2011 Life in Miniature: Magnificent Street Art Sculptures Article. The Atlantic.

05/2011 London: Isaac Cordal makes the small men alive Article. Artfridge.

05/2011 Isaac Cordal – Cement eclipses book Review. Hookeblog

05/2011 The Cement Eclipses Series by Isaac Cordal Yuxtapox magazine

05/2011 Isaac Cordal – Cement eclipses book review Crack for your eyes

04/2011 Street artist interview: Isaac Cordal Street art London

10/2010 Crack for your eyes Interview

02/2011 Man Behind Those Sad Cement Sculptures Interview. My modern met

02/2011 Street art scales down: why Cordal and Slinkachu are masters of miniature The Guardian/Observer

04/2011 Isaac Cordal’s miniature magic moments in real world Brooklyn street art. Interview/review

04/2011Publications: ‘Cement Eclipses’ by Isaac Cordal Arrested motion. Review

01/2011 5 minutes with Isaac Cordal Rooms magazine #3. Interview

04/2011 Inspired Ingenuity — Isaac Cordal Invisiblemadevisible.

12/2010 Isaac Cordal. Interview. Hidden Champion Magazine

10/2010 Cement eclipses. Isaac Cordal. Xornal de Galicia.

09/2010 Little Cement Urbanites: Isaac Cordal’s Street Art Installations. Huffington post.

08/2010 LSD Interviews – Isaac Cordal (Issue 5).

04/2010 Faro de Vigo. Entrevista

03/2010 Seres diminutos de cemento. Diario de Pontevedra. Entrevista/artículo

Selected exhibitons

06/2023. Smoke signals. Galerie C.O.A. Montreal, Canada. Solo show

12/2021 24/7. SC Gallery. Bilbao. Spain. Solo show

09/19 Ego Monuments. Galerie COA. Montreal. Canada. Solo show

06/2018 La comédie humaine. Space Válles – Saint-Martin-d’Hères, France. Solo show

02/2017 Giza komedia. SCGallery, Bilbao. Spain. Solo show

09/ 2016 La comédie humaine. La Mediatine. Brussels, Belgium. Solo show

10/2015 Urban Inertia. Galerie C.O.A. Montreal, Canada. Solo show

2015  Moments de solitude. SpaceJunk. Bayonne, Grenoble and Lyon. France. Solo show

11/2013 Follow the leaders. Bienal La Otra. Bogotá, Colombia. Group show

09/2013 Cement eclipses Anno Domini Gallery. San Jose. EEUU. Solo show

06/2013 The new slavery Temple du gout. Nantes, France. Solo show

11/2012 Prestige Harlan Levey Projects Gallery. Brussels. Belgium. Solo show

11/2012 Eclipses de cemento. Galeria JM. Malaga, Spain. Solo show

05/ 2012 Cement eclipses: small interventions in the big city. Pure Evil Gallery. London. UK. Solo show

03/2012 Waiting for climate change . Beaufort04. Vila Chalutier. De Panne. Belgium. Solo show

04/2012 Cement eclipses Ras Gallery. Subenysuben. Barcelona, Spain. Solo show

07/2006 The elder brother. Urbanitas. Group show. MARCO. Vigo, Spain. Group show

Solo books

Cement Eclipses: Small interventions in the big cities
Carpet Bombing Culture

Cement Eclipses. Levoyaganantes
Editions Memo

Romantisme du Chaos
Critères Éditions


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