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La société?! – group show at Atelier des bains, Geneva. Switzerland

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La société?! (society ?!) is an exhibition, which brings three artists from three different countries together. The exhibition title shows his meaning once the viewer will enter the gallery; it is a vibrant and sometimes hidden critic on our modern day society. In order to make this critic even stronger the show brings together three different mediums, painting, photography and sculpture.

Slinkachu‘s photography seems harmless and very pleasing to the eye at first it is only when we analyse the subjects that the viewer starts realizing that there might be something else hidden in these photos.

Isaac Cordal‘s miniature sculptures are more direct in bringing the message to the spectator, however the viewer has to come a lot closer to the work in order the appreciate the details of the work and some hidden symbols.


Pixel Pancho‘s in contrast shows us an alternative world, a perfect harmony, family portraits or perfectly normal aspects of life, however the twist is that his world is only represented by robots. Are robots better humans? Can they help for a better world? What is the difference between a humanoid and a mechanical robot?


“The Object and The Image (This is Not a Chair Either)”. Miami, Usa

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Aluna Art Foundation will participate in the inauguration of Concrete Space, an alternative art project that will open its doors to the public next Saturday, March 18th, with the exhibition “The Object and The Image (This is Not a Chair Either)”.

Curated by Aluna Curatorial Collective (Adriana Herrera and Willy Castellanos), the exhibition will feature invited artist Chema Madoz, and will recover historic works by Hexágono: Equipo de Creación Colectiva(Havana, 1982-1985), integrated by Consuelo Castañeda, Humberto Castro, Sebastián Elizondo, Abigail García, María Elena Morera and Tonel.

The exhibition will give place to a prompt dialog between local artists from different nationalities, and will feature works from (in alphabetical order): Francis Acea (Cuba/USA), Mauricio Alejo (Mexico), Néstor Arenas (Cuba/USA), Susana Blasco (Spain), Karim Borjas (Venezuela/France), Álvaro José Brunet (Cuba), Isaac Cordal (Spain), Marina Font (Argentina/USA), Xavier G-Solís (Spain), Juan Sí González (Cuba/USA), Jesús Hdez-Güero (Cuba), Ronald Morán (Salvador), Martha María Pérez Bravo (Cuba/Mexico), Cecilia Paredes (Peru/USA), Rainy Silvestre (Cuba/USA) and Viviana Zargón (Argentina).

The Object and the Image (This Is Not a Chair Either), brings back the quest of a group of artists to exploit this subject. They work from different visions and approaches in the creation of a hybrid and highly polemic object – an alter object -, whose values move around the intersection of the constructive practices of installation, sculpture, and the documentation of an authorial experience, and whose final product is a photograph in itself.

In this sense, the exhibition also exposes the artifact –the source of the exhibited photographs – uniting under one roof two instances traditionally separated in exhibition spaces: the image and its referent. This suitable coincidence will not only allow us a glimpse into the implicit mechanisms of image production, but will also propose to the spectator a journey through that zone that is neither the object nor its image: Rather, it is the mental process that transformed each artifact (in Latin “that which is made with art”) into a mine field that questions the stable condition of the “order of things,” and the concept of reality.


From March 18th to May 20th, 2017
Opening Reception: Saturday March 18th, from 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm

3400 N.W. 78th Ave.
Doral, Florida 33122

Mambo Galería en Urvanity Art Fair – Madrid, Spain

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Mambo Galería acudirá a la feria con obras de Liqen, Pelucas, Isaac Cordal, Javier Aguilera y Federico Fernández, intentando repetir el éxito de su presentación viguesa en junio del año pasado.
Una semana en la que Madrid se convertirá en el centro artístico mundial, Mambo Gallery tendrá la oportunidad de mostrar todo su potencial con una serie de piezas inéditas de nuestros artistas.



Aquí dejamos un enlace a la web de la feria dónde podreis informaros de horarios, galerías y actividades que se organizarán en Urvanity Art Fair durante ese fin de semana.



Fragil, group show, Brussels

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Last September I was invited to participate in a group show called Fragile , curated by Zinneke , in a former supermarket in the center of Brussels.

My contribution consisted of a new version of my installation Follow the leaders , small sculptures representing business men half drowned in a mixture of water and oil.

resized_fragil_zinnekeIMG_1043resized_fragil_zinnekeIMG_1050resized_fragil_zinnekeIMG_1052resized_fragil_zinnekeIMG_1055resized_fragil_zinnekeIMG_1065resized_fragil_zinnekeIMG_1061resized_fragil_zinnekeIMG_1100resized_fragil_zinnekeIMG_1083resized_fragil_zinnekeIMG_1108resized_fragil_zinnekeIMG_1135resized_fragil_zinnekeIMG_1084EXPO FRAGIL 18/09/15 ->18/10/15

A l’occasion de la nouvelle biennale de Zinneke, l’exposition FRAGIL rassemble les œuvres de 17 artistes autour d’un sujet sans âge et profondément actuel. Plus qu’un thème parmi d’autres, fragile détermine les équilibres du monde, du vivant, des systèmes. Reconnaître que la fragilité est une grâce incontournable plus qu’une fatale faiblesse permet de déplacer les perspectives, de repenser les interdépendances et d’oser pratiquer des modes d’existence délibérément sensibles. L’exposition FRAGIL invite à la rencontre de ces œuvres, et propose une réflexion à partir de ces différentes sources d’inspiration possibles dans la perspective de la prochaine Zinneke Parade qui aura lieu le 21 mai 2016. du 18 septembre au 18 octobre, accessible du mercredi au dimanche de 11h à 19h au GB58 (ex-Carrefour), rue du Marché aux Poulets 5 – 1000 Bruxelles




Cement Eclipses @ Grenoble, France

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Ancien Musée de Peinture

10-21 Juin 2015


Noel forest is a forest that does not exist because we cut down their trees each year to adorn our homes.



More info about this installation: http://cementeclipses.com/Works/noel-forest/


I had a busy time there with a solo show too.


Moment du solitude – Solo show @ Spacejunk Grenoble


cd_Caro Dumont mercredi 10juin (9).jpg cd_DSC_5510_modifié-1 cd_DSC_5511r_modifié-1 cd_DSC_5523r  cd_DSC_5678 cd_DSC_5711 cd_DSC_5712

cd_DSC_5464 cd_DSC_5485 cd_DSC_5469 cd_DSC_5694r cd_DSC_5690


Pictures by Caroline Dumont


grenoble_DSC00549 grenoble_DSC00556

The new old slavery

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ARTour Biennale


Homo Faber : Poétiques et mécaniques du travail
Ecomusée du Bois-du-Luc
Rue Saint-Patrice, 2b
7110 Houdeng-Aimeries


Du vendredi 1 mai au mercredi 30 septembre (de 09:00 à 17:00)


The last few months I’ve been working on a new installation called The School for ARTour Biennial. My participation in the exhibition, entitled The old new slavery, was completed with three other artwork already presented in 2013 (The Family, Follow the leaders and Residence secundaire),  altogether has been a reflection on the systems of production, human relationships and the fragility of the capitalist system.




IMG_9241 bois-du-luc_IMG_9377

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