The school installation is a reflection of how education has become an industry where schools  have become a business and students into customers. Benefit culture has destroyed the values of knowledge considering useless everything that is not productive.


A factory converted in a huge reading room.


We live immersed in the industrialization of thinking that makes us slaves of production away from an enriching personal development through education.

«The individual never ceases passing from one closed environment to another, each having its own laws: first the family; then the school («you are no longer in your family»); then the barracks («you are no longer at school»); then the factory; from time to time the hospital; possibly the prison, the preeminent instance of the enclosed environment». Society of Control. Gilles Deleuze


Special thanks to Eric Claus, Ecomusée du Bois-du-Luc, Stephane Tambeur, Bruno Lambinet and Laetitia Florent.


This artwork was inspired by reading L’utilite De L’inutile of Nuccio Ordine.



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The school from Isaac Cordal on Vimeo.

Making The School from Isaac Cordal on Vimeo.